Projects and Businesses


How will today’s choices relate to tomorrow’s physical and mental performance? How certain are you that the supplements you take help you? This machine learning-powered app seeks to answer questions like these, and is the in early stages of development.


BienTek (sold in 2013): a Michigan computer services business. It uses a custom CRM written in PHP to perform data-driven technician assignment and AdWords bid management.

Assisted by the software, a network of local computer technicians work as subcontractors to provide IT services in Southeast Michigan.


A Michigan printable coupons site built with co-founding partners Sean Copenhaver and Bryan Mathews. The main idea was that consumers should be able to find the hot deals near them for their category of interest. I have left some thoughts here for others considering starting their own coupon business. The website was auctioned.

Just For Fun

Tank side-scroller game: target oncoming threats with your main turret and machine gun. A Graphics2D-rendered video game (playable, but incomplete). Screenshot

Remote Access: a multithreaded VNC-like application for remote point-and-click control; uses Java sockets; provides full-screen-exclusive display of the remote computer.

File Sharing: a Napster-like file sharing program. Sockets programming demonstrates centralized server architecture. The Java Swing GUI implementation allows the user to search for and download any number of files in parallel.